Geforce GTX 580 Hydro Copper 2 PCIE 2.0 3GB Dual Link DVI-I HDMI

Geforce GTX 580 Hydro Copper 2 PCIE 2.0 3GB Dual Link DVI-I HDMI
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Jun 2018

alaTest heeft 11 reviews verzameld en geanalyseerd voor Geforce GTX 580 Hydro Copper 2 PCIE 2.0 3GB Dual Link DVI-I HDMI. De gemiddelde beoordeling voor dit product is 4.6/5, vergeleken met een gemiddelde beoordeling van 3.9/5 voor andere VideoKaart.

Consumenten beoordelen dit product gemiddeld met 91/100.

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Installed this in a new test build. Fantastic results. Coolermaster HAF-932 Advanced ASUS Rampage IV Extreme Intel i7-3960X OC @ 4.25GHz A-Data DDR3-2000G v2.0 (16G @ XMP-2000) EVGA GTX 580 Hydro Copper OCZ Revo3 PCI Drive 120G Corsair Force GT 240G...

Solid as a rock, heavy, doesn't seem to impede coolant flow any, cools correctly (no discovered hot spots), high frame rate, gorgeous video fidelity

Only possible nit is that it's very heavy and you must install it traditionally (with a screw) and cannot depend on clip in expansion slot fittings to hold it up. If this is your worst problem, who could complain

Dec 2011

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Powerful and quiet card


This card can handle anything i throw at it. Looks amazing in the case and very quiet. Going to buy another for sli soon. The only issue I had was that I was using 1/2" compression fittings. The fitting did not fit on the top of the card because of the...

Slim ; Quiet ; Powerful ; Looks great


Dec 2011

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Very impressive card. Does Battlefield 3, COD MW3, Star Wars TOR, Batman Arkham City without any issues! Replaced my XFX ATI 6950 due to it being so loud with the fan on during gaming. This stays cool and quiet


Dec 2011

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EVGA Customer service sucks


From all the reviews it looks like it would be a great card.... see cons

I can't even get into my system unless I use Safe mode. It is a driver error that causes BSOD no matter which driver I install the only thing that works is safemode. I have tried over and over again to work with EVGA however e-mail after e-mail I get...

Nov 2011

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Newegg, I have said this before, you have employees abusing your pruducts. Check my RMA. I have also said this, I will not be using Newegg anymore. You have gotten so big that your customer service has bottomed out. Good luck.

Update ; 2 in SLI, runs everything ; It's expensive, but well worth it

Got mine with a free Batman game. Finally got around to download it, but says its already been redeemed ; Only knocking off one egg, cuz I really didn't care

Nov 2011

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Looks Fantastic


When the box arrived, it looked as though it had been tampered with, and the anti-static bag did as well. That, combined with my instant temperature issues caused me to RMA almost immediately. Kudos to Newegg for being cool and paying the return...

This card looks absolutely amazing. Superbly designed, and the single-profile look is so cool that I don't think I can ever return to the heavy, brick-shaped dual-profile cards I've been using up to this point ; The backplate and the waterblock look...

I got a lemon. Hit 90 degrees in Firefox, and watching a YouTube video caused my temps to soar above 102 degrees, causing the card to shut down. RMA'd to Newegg, who paid the shipping cost. Kind of a bummer, as I was expecting to be playing games this...

Nov 2011

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Think again b4 purchasing.


U must be really nuts to buy this card for the same price as GTX 590. search for gtx 590 here on newegg then compare the price difference and performance. If u want a gtx 580 u shouldn't pay more than $500 for it. I got mine for $414 and of course it...

Plays all games on 1080p atleast 30 fps with AA, Ultra and physx on ; plays 95% of all games on 2500 X 1600 max ; Has 2X ram of regular gtx 580 ; EVGA is one of the best NVIDIA card makers

at 2500 x 1600 decent frames for Metro 2033 and Crysis at that resolution its a no no like 20 fps ; Yes price see below

Nov 2011

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Unfortunately had to purchase elsewhere. Seems like this card is mostly "out of stock" on Newegg.....

Awesome card. Easily overclocked to 900/1800 using the supplied EVGA software. No need for spending the extra dollars on a factory over-clocked card. Currently hitting 40c on full load. That's with a 2500k clocked to 4.4ghz in the same cooling loop...

I didn't receive any barbs or hose clamps in my box. I emailed EVGA support, and I'm told that they are shipping some out to me. Not really a bid deal, I just used the barbs from my old card

Okt 2011

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Excellent product!


You can buy the cheapest 580GTX and add the cheapest cooler and a backplate for about $40 less. But then you waste at least an hour of your time (how much is that worth?), lose your warranty and take the chance of messing up your card. Plus, you then...

Typical EVGA quality. Great-looking and effective cooling solution by Swiftech, already installed. Backing plate is a nice touch and complements the card beautifully. Overclocks like a Boss - running an easy 900/1800/2200Mhz with a custom H2O solution....

None at all

Okt 2011

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3-way sli


While three may be a bit much for most one or two of these cards would be a good investment for anyone. With the right fans on your radiators these cards can be near silent and cool as well.

Got three of these for 2d surround at 5760x1080. The extra 3gb of ram really makes a difference when running AA at this resolution. The full block is very good at managing temps. At idle these cards stay around 28 degrees but ive seen them go as low as...

This card really doesn't cost that much more than buying a gtx 580 and a block and backplate. The extra money was worth it to me so I didn't have to take the time to install the block myself

Aug 2011