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alaTest heeft 17 reviews verzameld en geanalyseerd voor Prototype- PS3. De gemiddelde beoordeling voor dit product is 3.8/5, vergeleken met een gemiddelde beoordeling van 3.9/5 voor andere PS3 Games. Reviewers waarderen het verhaal zeer maar velen zijn minder positief over de AI. De actie is ook indrukwekkend.

verhaal, prijs, actie

controls, AI

We hebben de consumenten- en expertbeoordelingen, de leeftijd van het product en andere factoren geanalyseerd. Vergeleken met andere PS3 Games krijgt de Prototype- PS3 een alaScore™ van 82/100 = Zeer goed.

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Expert review door : Greg "Odion" Baron (



No one loses, when you can elbow a tank from 400 feet up! When I was young I climbed to the top of a great mountain, I was told that...

Killing is fun and looks amazing ; The story will actually hook you ; You are the badest badass this side of badass town

Graphics are rough up close ; Not enough variety in the enemies ; Boss fights need work

Jan 2011

Expert review door : Camden Lohman (



When Prototype first surfaced, it looked great but seemed a little too close to the increasingly common 'guy with superpowers has to save the day while making lots of karma choices' template. Thankfully, the development time has been used wisely and...

Jul 2009

Expert review door : Andrew Bruck (



Around five years ago, with graphics cards getting ever closer to real life and CPUs attaining the ability to render the physics of hundreds of on-screen objects in real time, a few developers had a thought: why not let our players do whatever the they...

The game does handle chaos well, making for situations where entire battles will be going on around you while you fight, and they do look very impressive. Without any depth beyond this, though, the game will prove to be a novelty very quickly. If...

Jul 2009

Expert review door : Dan Liebman (

Prototype (Xbox 360, PS3, PC) review


It seems like ever since Marvel superheroes started clogging up movie theaters a few years ago, there's been a significant resurgence in comic-inspired video games.? Some of these are adaptations from their film counterparts, and most of them are...

Granted, this sort of game absolutely begs to be given an online mode.? Unfortunately, there isn?t one, so that will have to wait for the sequel.? The biggest problem I can find in Prototype is the somewhat uneven pace of the action.? Some of the...

Jun 2009

Expert review door : Joe Sinicki (



Remember when just being open-world was enough to make a game unique? My how times have changed huh? Now-a-days it seems like every other game on the shelf has its own sprawling world to explore. Nowadays, an open-world game has to be unique and offer...

Prototype truly comes closest to reaching its potential when you start unlocking abilities and powers - which because of some of the cheap gameplay, could take a while. Using the cheats found in the trainer, you can unlock all the abilities, along with...

Jun 2009

Expert review door : Anthony Gallegos (



Violence catches your attention, but only for so long.

The combat is fun when it isn't out of hand; over-the-top gore is pretty amusing

Bad AI, poor visuals, and confusing storytelling

Jun 2009

Expert review door : Justin Calvert (



This open-world action game set in Manhattan is proof that even viral outbreaks can be incredibly fun if they're done right.

Intriguing storyline and protagonist ; Varied missions that can be approached in numerous ways ; Massive arsenal of moves and abilities ; Plenty of activities and challenges outside of main story ; Challenging, but almost never frustrating

The scenery is dull and never changes ; Occasionally fiddly controls

Jun 2009

Expert review door : Jesse_Costantino (

Prototype Review for the PS3


Disease, violence, and identity theft. Just another day in New York City.

Huge skill tree; Solid melee mechanics

if not for the finicky camera; Ultimate Destruction Redux; Poorly balanced missions; Confusing and awkward storytelling; A lifeless open world

Jun 2009

Expert review door : Mikel Reparaz (



Good, bad... you're the guy with the telescoping horror-arms

Running amok in a huge, detailed city is a lot of fun ; More superpowers than you'll probably ever use ; Cutting down crowds of civilians is a guilty pleasure

Controls can be really imprecise ; Bosses are ridiculously tough ; Visuals are gray and unpolished

Jun 2009

Expert review door : Nicholas Bale (

Prototype PlayStation 3 Review


Jumpkick a helicopter, hijack a tank, or just fling someone fifty meters.

Again, Prototype is not perfect, but it's a pretty good sandbox title that really makes you feel like you're as powerful as the game says you are. The mechanics are sound, but not rock-solid, the graphics are decent, though not great, and the carnage...