Rage (PC)

alaTest heeft 72 reviews verzameld en geanalyseerd voor Rage (PC). De gemiddelde beoordeling voor dit product is 3.8/5, vergeleken met een gemiddelde beoordeling van 3.8/5 voor andere Computerspelletjes Software. Gebruikers waarderen het verhaal zeer maar velen zijn minder positief over de single player. De prijs is ook indrukwekkend.

verhaal, graphics, gameplay, betrouwbaarheid, prijs

single player

We hebben de consumenten- en expertbeoordelingen, de leeftijd van het product en andere factoren geanalyseerd. Vergeleken met andere Computerspelletjes Software krijgt de Rage (PC) een alaScore™ van 91/100 = Uitstekend.

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Expert review door : Jonathan Sutherland (brashgames.co.uk)

Rage – PC Review


Rage – PC ReviewPosted on October 24, 2011 | No CommentsBandit gangs, mutants, and more....

Their is not much more I can say about Rage. I thoroughly enjoyed it and spent a good number of hours battling my way through it. You may finish it quicker if you only stick to the main storyline, but I would suggest you do all the missions possible as...

Okt 2011

Expert review door : Rasher (gameon.co.uk)

RAGE PC Review


There seems to be somewhat of an upsurge of games developers from years gone by releasing new and exciting titles for us lucky gamers. RAGE is one such title from long time FPS developers id Software. If you play RAGE without reading the rest of this...

Good Fun ; Not as dark as Doom 3 ; Great shooting mechanic

Driving is a bit finicky ; Awkward rag-doll physics

Jan 2012

Expert review door : Tom Hillman (square-go.com)



All in all, RAGE doesn't reinvent the wheel and it's not necessarily an evolution of it either. What it does do is provide you with a 10-15 hour experience; an experience that's simple, unadulterated fun and one that's highly recommended.

Okt 2011

Expert review door : Christopher Rubin (the-nextlevel.com)



Not really angry. More just meh.

Okt 2011

Expert review door : Joe Sinicki (cheathappens.com)



Save for a few instances of blurring and other weird glitches, Rage is easily one of the best looking games on any platform. Everything is crisp, clear and it's easy to get lost in the game's seemingly infinite environments.

The enemies jumping around avoiding all the attacks and the weapons seemed pretty good and added a nice challenge.

Okt 2011

Expert review door : Allen (darkstation.com)



Finally.” That was the first thought I had in my head when Rage was released this month. Throughout the five years of its development, it felt

As you can tell, I found it difficult to view Rage in a vacuum. As much as it tried to distance itself from other games of its ilk, the problem is that games like Borderlands and Fallout provide for a much more compelling gaming experience. Fault, I...

Okt 2011

Expert review door : Chris Watters (gamespot.co.uk)



Though plagued by technical issues, Rage creates an engrossing world full of thoughtful detail and solid shooter action.

Okt 2011

Expert review door : Chris Watters (gamespot.com)

Rage Review


Though plagued by technical issues, Rage creates an engrossing world full of thoughtful detail and solid shooter action.

Impressive artistic design ; A host of charismatic characters ; Enjoyable array of weapons and items ; Speedy and gratifying vehicular action

Numerous visual bugs ; Inconsistent textures ; Story isn't strong enough to make you care about the primary conflict

Not all Wasteland inhabitants are friendly, however. Packs of bandits have taken up residence in their own little communities, and each group has its own look, combat tactics, and interior decorations. Keeping an eye out in these dens not only gives...

Okt 2011

Expert review door : Steve Farrelly (ausgamers.com)

RAGE Review


At its core though, RAGE is a triumph for id Software. The game’s strengths far outweigh its shortcomings and for shooter fans looking for a challenging, visceral experience that isn’t akin to shooting fish in a barrel, you’re going to find it...

Incredible core shooter experience; The toughest enemy AI in the business; Excellent enemy animations and hit detection; Amazing level-design; id Tech 5 is the goods

Lack of a drift mechanic lets driving down; Rubberbanding in races; Lifeless friendly environments, wooden characters; Not much of a story in place; No dynamic day/night or weather system

Okt 2011

Expert review door : Jeff Buckland (atomicgamer.com)

RAGE Review


In some ways, it seems like RAGE from id Software, the creators of the first person shooter genre, has arrived years too late. We are likely nearing the end of a console generation that could have used this game at the beginning of the cycle, rather...

id Software deserves heaps of credit for breaking through technical barriers and pushing themselves to make a AAA shooter that can hang with today's biggest names. Not everything seems to have come out quite as intended, though, as the RPG elements and...

Okt 2011