Quantum Conundrum- PC

Quantum Conundrum- PC
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34 reviews

Sep 2018

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gameplay, actie, vormgeving, betrouwbaarheid

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Expert review door : Alec Meer (techadvisor.co.uk)

Quantum Conundrum review


Massive invention and massive irritation in equal measure in this gun-free, dimension-hopping puzzler

As a £10 game made by a tiny team in just year, Quantum Conundrum is well worth checking out and there's no doubt that we need more games like it. It's just such a shame it dropped so many critical balls - it comes so close to greatness but undermines...

Jun 2012

Expert review door : Dan (ausgamers.com)

Quantum Conundrum Review


Quantum Conundrum isn’t of the same calibre as its inspirational predecessor at Valve, but if you’re looking for a new first-person game that doesn’t involve violence, weapons or adult themes of any kind, the low entry price seals it as a worthy...

Shamelessly borrows many strengths from Portal, but differentiates with core gameplay devices; Great value for price-point; Unique and challenging puzzles with well-scaled progression

Repetitive environments

Jun 2012

Expert review door : Nick (darkstation.com)

Quantum Conundrum


The crazy mansion where the game takes place Overview Quantum Conundrum is the first project from Kim Swift since her work at Valve Software on the

Jun 2012

Expert review door : Martin Gaston (videogamer.com)

Quantum Conundrum


Quantum Conundrum's elegant first-person puzzling is only marred slightly by one very obvious comparison, but it's unfortunately something that this downloadable title never really manages to get away

Nice to play a first-person game without guns in it ; Some good puzzles

The environment doesn't charm ; Can't shake that Portal feeling

Wait a second! I've managed to go six whole paragraphs without mentioning Portal, which is a happy coincidence because once you get stuck into the finer parts of Quantum Conundrum your memories of Aperture do start to dissolve away. But they will...

Jun 2012

Expert review door : Daemon Hatfield (gear.ign.com)

Quantum Conundrum Review


A first-person mind boggler that hands over the keys to four new dimensions.

Quantum Conundrum's inventive puzzles put your brain to satisfying work. Everything surrounding the challenges feels a little empty and could use some of the rest of the game’s ingenuity. But a disappointing ending and lack of visual detail shouldn't...

Jun 2012

Expert review door : Mike Nelson (gamespy.com)

Quantum Conundrum Review


How far can a cool gameplay mechanic carry a game?

Really cool dimensional mechanic; nice art design; well priced

A ridiculous amount of first-person platforming; uninteresting world; poor ending

All this talk about first-person platforming reminds me of the final level of the original Half-Life. That level wasn't fun in 1998, and it sure isn't any better today. Still, I like me some puzzlers and for $15 it sounds like it's worth a go. Have you...

Jun 2012

Expert review door : Andy Kelly (computerandvideogames.com)

Quantum Conundrum review: The creator of Portal makes a mockery of physics


This is the new game from the creator of Portal, and it shows. Its puzzle chambers are filled with cubes, laser beams, and pressure pads, and a narrator cracks wry jokes as you play. But even though it's just as clever as Valve's puzzler, it's not...

Smart puzzle design ; Unique concept ; Has a lot of personality

Inconsistent physics ; Floaty platforming ; Some truly awful jokes

An intelligent, original, and charming puzzler that's held back by awkward platforming and erratic physics.

Jun 2012

Expert review door : Cheryl Gress (ccgr.org)

Quantum Conundrum


Once you have acquired the batteries, your next task is to figure out how to get out of the current room you're in. Progressing through the manor typically involves activating switches and pulling levers to unlock the doors. Placing safes on push...

Challenging and creative gameplay; excellent voice acting

Less than ten hours of gameplay

Expert review door : Dave Payerle (ztgamedomain.com)

Quantum Conundrum Review


Airtight Games' new puzzle game is in a dimension of its own. Read our full review.

Cool concept ; Solid puzzles ; Humorous ; Great checkpointing

Repetitive visuals ; Minor control inconsistencies

Expert review door : Phil Soletsky (game-over.com)

Quantum Conundrum


The Good: Fresh physics-base puzzle action The Bad: Overlaid by fairly drab plotline The Ugly: And occasionally punctuated by puzzles requiring a frustrating level of twitch reflexes. From the lead designer of Portal, comes a game that is not Portal....

I think Quantum Conundrum suffers unfairly from the comparison to Portal. As a guy who has been gaming for something like 35 years, and game reviewing for about a decade, games like Portal don't come along that often. By all means, cherish them when...