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alaTest heeft 70 reviews verzameld en geanalyseerd voor Minecraft- PC. De gemiddelde beoordeling voor dit product is 4.3/5, vergeleken met een gemiddelde beoordeling van 3.8/5 voor andere Computerspelletjes Software. Gebruikers waarderen het verhaal zeer maar hebben twijfels over de actie. De multi player is ook indrukwekkend.

gameplay, multi player, verhaal

graphics, betrouwbaarheid, actie

We hebben de consumenten- en expertbeoordelingen, de leeftijd van het product en andere factoren geanalyseerd. Vergeleken met andere Computerspelletjes Software krijgt de Minecraft- PC een alaScore™ van 91/100 = Uitstekend.

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Expert review door (7outof10.co.uk)



I once listened to a radio phone-in about the greatest ever toys. Transformers, Barbie and other staples from across the generations were mentioned and lauded, until the show was completely…

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Mei 2012

Expert review door : Andy Kelly (computerandvideogames.com)

Minecraft review: The indie build-em-up feels right at home on Xbox 360


By day, Minecraft's blocky world is divinely peaceful. Gentle ambient music plays as you explore the surreal, randomly generated landscape, which is made up of entirely of square blocks and 8-bit textures.

Fiendishly addictive ; Superb new crafting system ; Open-ended gameplay

No persistent servers ; Some PC features missing

Whether you're mining, crafting, building, or fighting - either alone, or with friends - there's nothing quite like Minecraft. An accomplished, streamlined port that's a perfect fit for Xbox 360.

Mei 2012

Expert review door : Nathan Meunier (gamespot.com)

Minecraft Review


Building, crafting, and adventuring doesn't get much better than in Minecraft.

Blocky retro aesthetic is charming ; Crafting system has amazing depth ; Great balance between building and adventuring

No in-game tutorials or recipe guides ; Some game elements feel unfinished

Nov 2011

Expert review door : Harry (mmgn.com)

Minecraft Review


The most influential indie title of all time gets a full release.

The story of Minecraft is inspirational. What we have today is the result of two years of hard work from a team that once consisted of just one man. Yet somehow, almost every aspect of play has been accounted for and executed brilliantly, time and...

Nov 2011

Expert review door : Anthony Gallegos (gear.ign.com)

Minecraft Review


It's been playable for years, but it's finally time for IGN to review Minecraft. There's never been a better time to join the phenomenon.

Like any review, my feelings on Minecraft are the result of my experience with it. Maybe you don’t thrive off random adventures like I do, or maybe you won’t feel the same sense of accomplishment I did when I completed my first house. If not, then you...

Nov 2011

Expert review door : Scott Sharkey (1up.com)

Review: Minecraft Officially Releases, Apparently -- And is a Great Game After All


Its uniqueness defies the crowd who might go, "MINECRAFT IS WAY 2 BLOCKY. I MEAN LOOK AT GAMES LIKE MW3. YOU CAN DO BETTER NOTCH."

Minecraft, one might have noticed, is kind of a big deal. If you're the sort of person who reads about videogames on the Internet, which seems like a safe assumption, it would have taken a directed force of will to avoid hearing about it by now. So you...

Nov 2011

Expert review door (cheatcc.com)

Minecraft Review


Is Minecraft a phenomenon that you should be paying attention to, or should you simply ignore it until it goes away?

So yes, there is a point now. You must work your way up through the game's resource tree, equipping yourself with better and better gear and leveling up until you are powerful enough to face the Enderdragon. Yet, to those of us who fell in love with...

Expert review door : ChickenSoup (ccgr.org)

Minecraft (PC)


Graphically speaking, Minecraft doesn't have much room to boast, either. It must be remembered that the game is intentionally blocky and sometimes even cheesy: even the watermelons grow into cubes. That being said, the graphics are still fairly...

Over 200 crafting recipes and a Creative Mode offer endless hours of gameplay, and a thriving community makes playing with others exceptionally fun

The game still feels buggy and unpolished at the time of writing; griefers plague many servers

This game has given me more hours of gameplay that most of my other game purchases over the last few years combined. I would actually be reluctant or embarrassed to release my total numbers of gameplay, but that is an evidence of the addictive nature...

Expert review door (gameplanet.co.nz)



Prettiest platformer of the year?

Freedom virtually without limit. Talented developers who actually listen to their community. Low system requirements. User-configurable mods, plugins and dedicated servers. At 20 Euro, it's ridiculously cheap for the content on offer

Some noticeable ongoing bugs related to the choice of Java as the underlying language. Still no internal instructions, virtually everything to do with crafting must be researched online

Indie smash.

Expert review door : Tim Berwian (gamers.de)



Klötzchenbauen auf der XBOX 360

Mei 2012